ACS Axial: An ACS Blog for Strengthening Your Bond With Chemistry Research

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ACS Axial is a blog from The American Chemical Society. This ACS blog shares stories from across the society.

Here are some of the kinds of stories this ACS blog offers:

ACS Axial features a variety of free research highlights. Journal news appears here first. There is plenty of career advice for chemists. The site includes news roundups. It has interviews, editorials, videos, and podcasts. This blog features lab tours. Readers can find white paperse-books, and webinars. You’ll learn about the editors of ACS publications and recent awards. The blog features infographics, items about social media, and posts about ACS National Meetings and ACS on Campus events. It has advice on submitting your research. There is also history and trivia and items relating to C&EN. It even has quizzes and contests.

This is a blog for all 50 ACS journals. ACS Axial offers something for everyone. It has stories for all professional levels. This is a blog for established professors. It’s for undergraduates too. It has stories for graduate students. It speaks to emerging researchers. It caters to librarians. It serves corporate scientists.

This is an ACS blog for all kinds of chemists. It has stories for applied chemists. There are posts for analytical chemists. Items for biological chemists are here. Materials science & engineering professionals have a home. Organic/inorganic chemists are included. Physical chemists are welcome.

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ACS Axial is unique. It serves the ACS community. It welcomes new members. It asks questions. It shares stories. It highlights research. It supports authors. It helps students. It caters to librarians. It curates news. It breaks new ground. It engages readers. It encourages comments. It is free. It updates each day. It is an ACS blog for all.