Personal Stories of Discovery

What makes a scientist do what they do? Learn the personal stories driving some of the brightest minds in chemistry today.

Pursuing Transformative Ideas at Small Scales

The idea that matter behaves differently at the atomic and nano scales has long captivated Professor Teri W. Odom. Now her fascination with the very small is yielding big results.

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Building Sensors to Unlock the Brain

There’s a lot we don’t know about how brains communicate information. Professor Anne M. Andrews’ research is exploring these processes—and what happens when they malfunction.

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Time for a Revolution in TB Testing

Testing for tuberculosis still relies on a 100-year-old method with 11 steps. Now Ph.D. student Mireille Kamariza is developing a one-step test that requires no new equipment.

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Building Organs on Chips

Professor Ali Khademhosseini’s work could reduce the cost of developing drugs by simulating human physiology with 3D printing.

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