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packaging made from milk proteins

December 29, 2016

Could Milk Hold the Answer to Our Food Packaging Problems?

By Jesse Stanchak

The plastic packaging that most foods come wrapped in isn’t just a tremendous source of environmental waste. These kinds of packages aren’t even particularly adept at preventing food spoilage and they may even leech harmful chemicals into food. Now researchers are developing a biodegradable, edible film made from a milk protein called casein to hopefully […]

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May 16, 2016

Learn About Ice Cream Chemistry With ACS Webinars

By Ribka Gemilangsari

June’s Webinar: Ice Cream Chemistry Making good ice cream is no easy feat. Food scientist Rich Hartel of the University of Wisconsin-Madison will discuss how ice crystals, air cells, and fat clusters relate to ice cream’s properties and quality. Learn about the chemistry behind everyone’s favorite treat as we welcome the summer and get ready […]

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