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August 17, 2016

Could Droplet Testing Replace Microplate Analysis?

By Jesse Stanchak

Scientists have long relied on the 96-well microplate for analyzing samples of blood, DNA and other substances. An entire industry has developed around these plates’ usefulness. And scientists have relied on them for years in diagnostics and other applications, but that could change with a new approach that uses evaporating droplets suspended on tiny pillars, […]

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May 26, 2016

C&EN Roundup: Storing Natural Gas, a Nanowire Battery and a Vaccine for Meth

By Jesse Stanchak

Chemical & Engineering News covers the world of chemistry, from research and education to business and policy. Here’s a sampling of their coverage of research from ACS journals: *** New Storage Technique Could Make Natural Gas More Convenient Sealing natural gas in porous beads with hydrocarbon plugs could allow the fuel to be transported in compact, affordable […]

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