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January 17, 2017

What Will Trump and the 115th Congress Mean for Chemistry?

By Jesse Stanchak

A new presidential administration always means big policy and regulatory changes. The 115th Congress and the presidency of Donald J. Trump will be no exception. But will those changes be good for chemists? While there’s a still a great deal of uncertainty around the new administration, there are a few bellwether issues to watch in […]

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science policy

September 22, 2016

How Scientists Can Influence and Get Involved In Science Policy

By Ben Isaacoff

Science doesn’t happen in a vacuum (well, some experiments may require a vacuum). All scientists are living and working within society, and that social context matters. What is legal to study? How much funding is available to study it? How will resulting new science and technology be used? These are all essential questions. Ultimately, social […]

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