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A Lifeline for Librarians: Meet ACS’ Michael Qiu

As all good librarians know, you don’t have to know the answer to every question. But you can always find an answer if you know where to look.

When it comes to questions about ACS Publications, librarians can get the answers they seek with Michael Qiu, ACS’ new Library Relations Manager. Michael responds to librarians’ queries about everything from open access to institutional repositories to guidance on how to use ACS products to meet an organization’s needs. He’s been part of the ACS team since October 2015.

Michael is different from other Library Relations Managers. Unlike others in similar roles, Michael was formerly a science librarian himself. After earning a bachelor’s degree in chemistry and a master in library and information science, Michael worked as a Science and Engineering Librarian at the University of Southern California in Los Angeles.

“Librarians are often the first people on the ground using ACS’ products,” Michael says. “I’m here to be their advocate and point of contact for any and all questions they have. Coming from the library community I feel like I’m in good position to understand what libraries and librarians need.”

Besides answering librarians’ most pressing questions, Michael works on projects and initiatives including a library advisory board, sponsorship programs, scholarships, continuing education, and more. He also advises units of ACS on how to apply information science to their own work. (And in case you doubt his commitment to chemistry, you should know that one of Michael’s cats is named after famous chemist Linus Pauling.)

“It’s really important for librarians to feel like they can talk to someone who actually understands libraries,” Michael explains.

“I loved being a librarian. And I’m using much of what I learned to help other librarians in this new role.”

Got a question or want to chat? Contact ACS Library Relations Manager Michael Qiu at M_Qiu@acs.org.

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