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Journal of Proteome Research: Special Issue Call for Papers: Software Tools and Resources

Software tools and data resources are essential in all omics domains, including proteomics and metabolomics. The Journal of Proteome Research is creating an annual Special Issue that will highlight novel and significantly updated user-oriented software tools, web applications, code libraries and databases for proteomics and metabolomics and will cover all sub-disciplines within the scope of the Journal of Proteome Research. For readers, this Special Issue will provide an easily identifiable source of tools that have been specifically reviewed for their applicability and ease of adoption. For authors, the Special Issue provides visibility and wider adoption of their tools in the proteomics community through dissemination and documentation.

Associate Editor:

  • Susan Weintraub, The University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio

Guest Editors:

  • Michael HoopmannInstitute for Systems Biology
  • Magnus Palmblad, Leids Universitair Medisch Centrum


For inclusion in the Special Issue, authors must present either a complete description of a relevant novel tool, library, web application or database (Article submission) or a substantial and meaningful update of a previously published tool or resource (Technical Note submission). The fully working tool or database must be made available free of charge to editors and reviewers for evaluation at the time of manuscript submission. Tools with a graphical or web browser interface are preferred, but well-documented web service APIs or libraries of functional building blocks for custom data analysis pipelines will also be considered.

Open Access

Find the best open-access option to suit your institutional and/or funder requirements.


Manuscripts must adhere to the appropriate journal guidelines available on the Information for Authors page and in Martens et al., J. Proteome Res. 2015, 14(5):2002-4. Authors are advised to be concise and focus the manuscript on the unique or novel functionality of the tool. It should be clear to any reader what problem the system addresses and how it is used. For tools and libraries, the input, operations, and output of each tool or function should be described in table form. A screenshot of the interface may be included if it has novel or unusual features.

The deadline for submission of manuscripts for the 2019 Special Issue on Software Tools and Resources is September 14, 2018. Manuscripts will be screened for suitability for the Special Issue.

Authors should submit their manuscript electronically through ACS Paragon Plus and select “Software Tools and Resources 2019” in the Special Issues drop-down. Please provide names and contact information for at least four suggested reviewers who can meaningfully comment on the described tool/resource.

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