The Benefits of Publishing with ACS

Even though ACS is a relatively small, not-for-profit organization, we’re one of the most influential scientific publishers in the world. As our tagline goes, we’re one of the most trusted, most cited, and most read publishers, and we do this by providing many perks that other publishers don’t and offering authors the opportunity to be exposed to the best and most diverse scientists around the globe. In fact, more than 77% of our article requests originated outside of North America in 2017, and 68% of articles that cite our publications are classified as outside the core chemistry categories.

Learn more about how ACS stacked up in 2017 at By the Numbers.

The Best Editors in the World

ACS Publications keeps the research we publish top-quality by employing editors all over the world that are not only experts in their field but also actively researching in their fields—whether that’s in a university lab or in R&D at a company. These experts oversee daily journal operations and ensure that research gets up-to-date, expert review and feedback that is appropriate to the research topic. To support this global team, ACS Publications relies upon editorial offices in the U.K., India, China, and the U.S.

Fastest Time to Publication

ACS Publications offers the fastest time to publication, with an average time savings over other publishers of nearly a month from submission to acceptance.1 We also offer Manuscript Transfer to help speed publication when another journal is the best fit, which can cut time and frustration compared with the burden of completely resubmitting a paper.

Learn more about what happens between submission and acceptance by getting our free educational posters or reading about peer review on ACS Axial.

Open Access

ACS Publications supports open access (OA) publishing in many ways. Most notably, authors can choose an AuthorChoice license to publish open access in any of our traditional journals for a nominal fee. Discounts are available for ACS members and researchers at subscribing institutions.

We also offer two exclusively OA journals, ACS Central Science and ACS Omega. ACS Central Science is sponsored by ACS, with no subscription or author/publication fees. While publishing in ACS Omega does incur publication fees, ACS Author Rewards—an OA stimulus package sponsored by ACS—can be used toward publishing at a lower cost in this journal.

Finally, ACS sponsors ACS Editors’ Choice, in which we publish one article open access every day based on the recommendation of editors from around the world. These carefully selected articles of global relevance are published at no charge to the author upon selection and remain fully open in perpetuity in whichever journal they were published. This helps ensure the easiest access to the most novel discoveries every day, and by selecting top content, ACS Editors’ Choice builds confidence in open access content.

Learn more about open access publishing with ACS Publications at

Additional Benefits for Authors

ACS Publications provides authors with the option to publish their Just Accepted manuscript (JAM) upon acceptance. This posts the version of the paper that was accepted, unedited, and unformatted, so that people may read the work immediately after acceptance and the author captures the earliest publication date possible. Once technical editing and formatting are complete, the formatted article replaces the JAM online. Also after final publication, authors are provided with a link they can use to up to 50 free e-prints of the article.

Is your work newsworthy? We further help authors expose their work and get the word out through embargoed press releases, our collaborations with high profile news media outlets, and ACS in the News.

Learn more about these and other author benefits at our Author & Reviewer Resource Center.

Want to learn more about the publication process?

Order our free educational poster series, and we’ll ship you a set of four posters for your library, or you can download them to print in a size that fits your needs. The topics include peer review, technical editing and layout, free ACS programs and training for students and researchers, and the benefits ACS offers to authors.

1 Powell, K. Does it take too long to publish research? Nature, 2016, 530, 148–151. ACS Publications averages just over 10 weeks from submission to acceptance.

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