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Find Out What You’ve Been Missing on the ACS Publications Website

ACS Publications upgraded its website with significant enhancement earlier this year, as part of an ongoing commitment to empowering chemists everywhere. The update added features and functionality aimed at supporting the chemistry community, including authors, readers, and librarians. Featuring a brand new design, the new site improves everyone’s article research experience with a simplified, modern interface.

Did you know?

  • ACS Publications has collaborated with Mendeley to provide our researchers with a world-leading, free reference manager and academic social network. It enables the seamless organization, citation, and collaboration of scholarly content. If you are not yet using Mendeley, you can sign up for free and then pair your Mendeley account with your ACS ID.
  • With Reference Quickview, powered by SciFinder, you can immediately access article references and view their abstracts in-line, without leaving the current article.
  • Completely redesigned, our article pages feature easy sidebar navigation to figures, supporting information, and references, allowing you to keep your place in the article.
  • All ACS Publications articles now display prominent article metrics at the top of the article page. This includes article views, the number of citations to the article, and the Altmetric Attention Score. This gives you the ability to view a more organized and comprehensive record of an article’s online shares, while concurrently tracking discussions of a research article’s findings and results.
  • Altmetric Attention Scores reflect a variety of sources, including social media, traditional media (both mainstream and science-specific), online reference managers, forums, and Wikipedia. The information is aggregated to produce a score that is a qualitative measure of the quality and quantity of attention received by an article. The top trending ACS articles are available to view on the ACS Publications homepage.
  • All content on the ACS Publications website, including all articles, are mobile-friendly, allowing you to easily browse content from your tablet or smartphone.
  • Through our partnership with figshare, an open repository that promotes broad discoverability of scientific research data, we provide our authors and researchers with improved archiving and access to open data sets and other supporting information that often accompany articles published in ACS Publications’ peer-reviewed research journals. We also facilitate automated deposition of Supporting Information (SI) files to a secure hosting environment, ensuring your files are properly preserved and free from size and format restrictions. Check out more SI from ACS Publications.
  • Each day one new peer-reviewed research article from any ACS journal is selected to be freely available under the ACS Editors’ Choice service. The selection of these articles is based on recommendations by the scientific editors of ACS journals from around the world.

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