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Look Forward with Nano Letters Viewpoints

Earlier this year, Nano Letters Editor-in-Chief Teri W. Odom introduced a new article type called Viewpoint. Viewpoints are invited thought pieces, between one and two pages long, written by leading and eminent scholars in nanoscience. They are forward-looking and highlight emerging focus areas that will benefit the entire nanoscience community.

The first Viewpoints from Nano Letters are now online and can be viewed by clicking the article titles below.

The Rise of Computation

“Experimentalists should embrace the rise of computation. The key thing in research will always be the initial choice of the problem and the design of an experiment to yield a clear result. Computation creates new tools and quantitative theoretical results that multiply and extend the output of a creative researcher. Computation allows us to tease understanding out of huge data sets.” – Louis Brus, Columbia University

DNA Nanotechnology at 40

“There are nearly 500 laboratories worldwide engaged in DNA nanotechnology. Very few of these investigators are even working on the crystalline scaffold problem but are instead employing DNA nanotechnology in a wide variety of applications. DNA is often used as a system for organizing other materials than DNA to somewhat lower resolution than the crystallographic ideal. Gold nanoparticles, proteins, viruses, and other nanoscale species have all been organized, usually by origami.” – Nadrian C. Seeman, New York University

The Future in Nanosafety

“The current infrastructure and resources in nanosafety require adaptation toward next generations of nanoenabled technologies that will refine methods, advance knowledge, and accelerate commercial adoption.” – Jo Anne Shatkin, Vireo Advisors

Nanomedicine toward 2040

“Nanomedicine as a research field has existed for about two decades, and it is therefore timely to discuss what the next 20 years in nanomedicine should accomplish to provide a scientifically grounded framework for sustained success.” – Joseph J. Richardson & Frank Caruso, The University of Melbourne

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