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Get Access to ACS Insider Tips to Accelerate Your Career

The world’s most successful chemists all have one thing in common: They all had help getting to where they are today, from family, friends, and connections in the chemistry community. ACS Publications created ACS Insider Tips to help more chemists benefit from some little known tips and tricks that long helped leading chemists take their careers and their research to the next level.

As an ACS Insider, you’ll learn things you’ll wish someone had told you in grad school. Including how to:

Increase Your Odds of Acceptance

There’s more to getting into a top-tier journal than just having a breakthrough in the lab. You also need to be able to communicate the significance of your work to a journal’s Editors. The editorial team will judge you on the quality of your writing, your ability to tell a compelling story, even the fonts you use when submitting. Make sure your paper gives your research the best possible chance to shine with these tips.

Advance Your Career

Advancing your career is a life-long process. Whether you’re searching for your first job, applying for a tenure-track position, or seeking a career in industry or government, there’s a lot to learn. Successful chemists take control of their own career development at every step in the process. It’s never too late to learn how to conduct a job search, present yourself effectively, and find your dream job.

Find a Bigger Audience for Your Work

Before you can change the world with your research, you must get it in front of as many people as possible. That process takes many forms, from consideration made during the writing process to promoting a paper once it has been published. You can’t rely on anyone else to do the hard work of sharing your research for you, so learn how to communicate your science effectively across a variety of formats.

Connect With Your Peers

In today’s environment, networking with other scientists is more important than ever. But in 2020, the typical routes for meeting with your peers, such as in-person conferences, aren’t viable options. Learn how the ACS helps chemists connect.

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