ACS In Focus digital primers help readers of all levels accelerate their fundamental understanding of new topics and core techniques from across the sciences.

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In today's rapidly evolving scientific landscape, students and scientists all face the constant challenge of keeping pace with the latest advancements, technologies, and skills. ACS In Focus, a comprehensive digital resource from the American Chemical Society, empowers readers to overcome these challenges by providing them with the tools they need to get up to speed quickly on emerging topics.

What is ACS In Focus?

ACS In Focus is a collection of concise, expert-authored digital books that serve as primers to important and emerging topics in a wide range of scientific disciplines. These interactive books, designed to be read in four to six hours, offer researchers a structured and efficient way to gain foundational knowledge in unfamiliar areas.

Benefits for Readers
  • Rapid Knowledge Acquisition: Quickly grasp the essentials of new scientific techniques through focused, expert-written books.
  • Enhanced Expertise: Deepen your understanding of established scientific concepts and solve problems with the latest research developments.
  • Improved Efficiency: Save valuable time and effort by leveraging the focused format and curated content of ACS In Focus interactive books.
  • Broader Knowledge Base: Learn about diverse scientific areas beyond your immediate field of expertise and foster interdisciplinary collaboration.
A Powerful Tool for Continuous Learning

ACS In Focus is an invaluable resource for researchers at all stages of their careers. Whether you're a seasoned scientist seeking to expand your knowledge base or an early-career researcher or student looking to establish a foundation in a new area, ACS In Focus provides the perfect platform to facilitate continuous learning and professional development.

Discover some of our most popular ACS In Focus books
ACS in Focus Cover: Python for Chemists

Python for Chemists

Readers of this book develop the skill to identify problems in their research for which code may automate operations and scale a large volume of data or calculation. In addition, the authors shorten the time from “learning” to “using” Python through meaningful problem sets in Chapter One.
ACS in Focus cover: Machine Learning in Chemistry

Machine Learning in Chemistry

This comprehensive guide is a must-read for chemists eager to integrate machine learning into their research. It delves into how machine learning can revolutionize chemical predictions, molecular design, and even the way we approach complex chemical problems. The book serves as both an introduction for beginners and a rich source of advanced methods for experienced researchers.
ACS in Focus: Photochemistry Essentials

Photochemistry Essentials

Photochemistry Essentials is a concise introduction aimed at researchers and students who want to learn the essential principles of photochemistry, how to use light as a tool, and how to apply the concepts of photochemistry to their research.

Explore the Complete ACS in Focus Collection

Visit the ACS In Focus website or download the full title list to discover the extensive collection of digital books available. With its diverse range of topics and our commitment to providing researchers with the tools they need to excel, ACS In Focus is your gateway to achieving more in the ever-evolving world of science.

ACS In Focus is available for purchase by organizations of all types. Purchases are segmented into individual collections with each collection offering roughly one year of published digital books. You can purchase one collection or purchase multiple for a discounted rate. Get access or contact your sales representative directly to review all acquisition options.

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ACS in Focus Digital Books
ACS in Focus Digital Books

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