Debut Issue of ACS Earth and Space Chemistry Online Now

ACS publications cover a wide range of topics, sharing insights from some of the world’s foremost scientific researchers. However, until now, no forum has been dedicated exclusively to the chemistry of natural materials and processes.

Until now. ACS is excited to announce the pilot issue of our new journal ACS Earth and Space Chemistryis now available online.

The journal will explore the complex chemical nature of materials and processes that occur on earth and in space. It will be organized around six scientific domains:

  • Earth surface
  • Earth interior
  • Atmosphere
  • Ocean
  • Space
  • Analytical methods

We’re excited about the potential for ACS Earth and Space Chemistry to bring together research and methodologies from disciplines across the scientific community. So much so, the first issue will remain free to readers for one full year. Help us collect superior content by submitting research manuscripts focusing on the journal’s key topics. And your feedback is always valued and welcome. We hope you enjoy this premiere.

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