Show Off Your Lab and You Could Win an Apple Watch

Sometimes the places we work can be almost as inspiring as the work that comes out of them. So we have to ask: Is your lab remarkable? Is your office the envy of your peers? Is your workspace a thing of beauty? If that sounds like your office, get ready to show off. ACS in on the hunt for the coolest workspace in chemistry. Is it yours? Prove it and you could win an Apple Watch.

All you have to do is take a photo of your lab (or office, or classroom, or wherever you work your magic), submit it online and share it via social with the hashtag #ShowUsYourLab. We’ll evaluate all the entries for attractiveness and creativity (with bonus points for including ACS mementos in the shot). Top entries may be featured on ACS Axial and the winner will get an Apple Watch.

Ready to show off your lab? Take a picture and show off your workspace today.

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