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Are Invisibility Cloaks Possible?

Have you ever wished you could hide under an invisibility cloak like Harry Potter or conceal your car with a Klingon cloaking device like in Star Trek? In this episode of Reactions, we celebrate the International Year of Light by exploring the science behind light, sight and invisibility. Though we can’t make ourselves invisible yet, some promising research may light the way – or rather, bend the light away. This episode of Reactions was produced in collaboration with the journal ACS Photonics. Check it out here:

About ACS Photonics

ACS Photonics publishes high-quality Research Articles, Letters, Perspectives, and Reviews that address emerging issues in the area of photonics. The journal is led Harry A. Atwater, Editor-in-Chief from the California Institute of Technology who says, “ACS Photonics has an exciting opportunity to create a global home for interdisciplinary photonics research, bridging the gaps between different approaches to photonics and promoting rich cross-fertilization between fields.”

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