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CHEMOJI – A new Chemistry Keyboard from the American Chemical Society

We here at the American Chemical Society like texting our friends from the lab or library as much as you do!

Let your crew know you’re working late in the lab, tell everyone your paper was accepted by JACS, and send your PI a research update with your very own chemistry emoji set by downloading the ACS Chemoji app on your android or apple phone. Choose from a developing set of chemistry themed emoji featuring traditional smiley faces decked out in goggles (safety first!), glassware, the periodic table, element tiles that spell out some of your favorite Internet acronyms, and two very important molecules. Use the ACS Chemoji app to share the experience of chemistry with your friends by text or use it on Facebook and Twitter. Tell us your Chemoji story with the #ACSchemoji hashtag.

Download App:

ACS Chemoji FAQ

Need more info on Chemoji before downloading? See below for a handy ACS Chemoji FAQ.

What are ACS Chemoji?

The chemoji app is a fun project from the American Chemical Society. They are custom-made emoji stickers, portraying common and popular traditional emojis in a chemistry theme.

There are currently 21 total emoji stickers available, free for anyone to download.

What are emoji stickers?

Emojis are a small digital image or icon that are often used in text messaging and on social media. The ACS Chemoji app funtions more like stickers that are seen on Facebook and Snapchat – they are larger images, but are still compatible with the same platforms.

How do I install the app?

For Apple:

  • Click here or search for “ACS Chemoji”
  • Download the ACS Chemoji Stickers app from the Apple Store.
  • When you open the app, click on the tutorial button in the lower left corner of the screen to walk through the set up for the keyboard:
    • Select Settings, then General.
    • Select Keyboard, then Keyboards.
    • Select Add New Keyboard.
    • Select ACS Chemoji stickers. This will now be listed with any other keyboards that you have configured on your iPhone.
    • Select ACS Chemoji stickers again. This will take you to an additional page in the settings menu.
    • Switch on Allow Full Access

Now you can access the ACS Chemoji Stickers in most messaging apps.

For Android:

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