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The Art Behind the Science: Publishing Tips from ACS Journal Editors

For the novice author, the process of writing and publishing a scientific paper can go something like this: inspiration, research, excitement, gathering data, preparing figures and tables, drafting methods, discussion, panic, fear, questioning everything, rewrites, more rewrites, abstract, conclusion, still more rewrites, submission, and hiding under the desk waiting for a rejection message.

Yet experienced authors know this: there are proven techniques that can make all the difference in conveying a compelling story about the research and increasing publishing success. You can learn these tips the hard way—through painful experience—or the easy way, by taking advantage of ACS Publications’ “Mastering the Art of Scientific Publishing: The Webinar Series.”

The origin of the webinar series was a virtual issue of the same name, “Mastering the Art of Scientific Publishing,” published in The Journal of Physical Chemistry Letters in October 2014. The issue compiled 20 editorials by ACS Editors from JPC, Chemistry of Materials, and ACS Nano. When the idea for a webinar series on that topic was suggested, many of those same Editors agreed to participate. See below for descriptions and links to the webinars in this series, and look out for upcoming publishing tips here at Axial.

The first webinar in the series was held in early 2015, with Prashant V. Kamat, Deputy Editor of The Journal of Physical Chemistry Letters, presenting “Preparing the Manuscript: Part 1.” The series continued with Jillian M. Buriak, Editor-in-Chief of Chemistry of Materials, presenting “Preparing the Manuscript: Part 2.”

The next webinar featured a panel of Editors presenting “My Most Memorable Authoring Experience.” Recorded at the Spring ACS National Meeting in Denver, Colorado, the webinar included Carolyn R. Bertozzi (Editor in Chief of ACS Central Science), Jillian M. Buriak, Prashant V. Kamat, George C. Schatz (Editor in Chief of The Journal of Physical Chemistry), and Paul S. Weiss (Editor in Chief of ACS Nano). Each Editor shared a personal story about a notably successful (or unsuccessful) experience in writing or submitting a paper.

The last two webinars in the series featured George C. Schatz presenting “The Submission Process” and Paul S. Weiss presenting “The Review Process.”

If you are a beginning author who would like to avoid some of the pain of learning about scientific publishing, you are invited to learn from our experienced ACS journal editors. Access the archived recordings of all five webinars, and the virtual issue with 20 editorials on same topic. 

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