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Combi Chem Is Not Dead!

Tune into this fascinating Reddit AMA today at 1:00PM EST with ACS Combinatorial Science Editor-in-Chief, M.G. Finn. He’ll discuss his research and explain why, in his view, the field is very much alive. Dr. Finn’s group does research in a variety of areas that seek to develop molecular function. They define “molecular” in ways that go from small molecule drugs, to large multiprotein assemblies, to organisms. The group develops and optimizes reactions for bioconjugation and release, engineers virus-like nanoparticles for immunology, cell targeting, and enzyme encapsulation, and works on new ways to evolve aptamers and enzymes.

The journal publishes research on a variety of areas in which functional structures are made, identified, or enhanced by combinatorial means. This includes synthetic, analytical, and theoretical methods by which function can be created and measured.

Want to learn more about the journal or submit your research? Get information here.

If you missed the Reddit AMA, you can view the archived conversation here.

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