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ACS Editors Shine on the Power List 2015

“Don’t take it too seriously,” says The Analytical Scientist of its 2015 Power List. But when a list claims to name the world’s 100 most influential analytical chemists, how can you not?

Now in its second iteration, the Power List is “a celebration of the analytical sciences, promoting the importance of the whole field to the wide world.” The selection process is designed to be inclusive; anyone can nominate a colleague (or a researcher can nominate him- or herself). After nominations are received, a panel of judges selects their top 100, with rankings averaged across five experts in the field.

Of the hundred accomplished researchers chosen, 12 are editors of ACS publications, including two current editors-in-chief.

Jonathan Sweedler, editor-in-chief of Analytical Chemistry, was named #3 on the list (joining three other ACS associate editors who made it to the top 10). He also appeared on the original list.

J. Justin Gooding, the inaugural editor-in-chief of new journal ACS Sensors, has also made the list for the second time. “When I made the list the first time I was stunned and delighted,” Gooding says. “This year, I hoped to make it again. When I did, I was relieved. I don’t like to feel like I am going backwards.”

Congratulations to all ACS editors who made the 2015 Power List. Serious or not, according to The Analytical Scientist, each of you is a reason to be proud of analytical science. We couldn’t agree more.


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