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Is ACS Manuscript Transfer Service right for you?

With so many quality scientific journals it can be hard to know which journal is the right one for your work. Here at ACS Publications, we strive to streamline the submission process as much as possible, which is why we are pleased to introduce Manuscript Transfer service.

Editors may suggest that a manuscript may be a better fit for another ACS journal. Now authors can use the Manuscript Transfer service to transfer the manuscript and submission details to another ACS journal without restarting the entire submission process. All ACS journals are available for transfer.

What is the Manuscript Transfer Service?

Manuscript Transfer is an opt-in service that simplifies and shortens manuscript submission to another ACS journal. Occasionally an editor of an ACS journal feels that a manuscript is a better fit for another ACS Journal.

Before Manuscript Transfer was introduced, if the original submission was declined and authors wished to submit to the manuscript to another ACS journal, they had to re-enter all information and provide their files in ACS Paragon Plus a second time. With the Manuscript Transfer service, the list of authors and coauthors, the suggested reviewers, the responses to submission questions, and all manuscript files are transferred to the new submission and authors don’t need to restart the entire submission process. For manuscripts that have been peer reviewed, the reviews, the reviewer identities, and the ACS editor’s decision letter will also be provided to the next journal–which may facilitate a faster decision.

How it Works

  1. Author Receives Transfer Suggestion from Editor
  2. Author Selects Next Journal
  3. Author Approves Transfer in ACS Paragon Plus
  4. Author Completes Submission for Next Journal

Find out if the Manuscript Transfer Service is right for you!

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