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C&EN: A Vital News Service for Chemists

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Since 1923, Chemical and Engineering News has served as the most trusted primary news source for information on the latest developments and technology for chemists worldwide. Now, Watch Glass is showcasing some of those ground-breaking discoveries. What’s more, you can access it for free…

For over 90 years, the weekly periodical Chemical and Engineering News (C&EN) has been the backbone of chemical and chemistry-related news reporting. Over its history, C&EN has covered some of the greatest chemical discoveries, with long-lasting reach and impact. Now, Watch Glass – a free-to-view website – is showcasing highlights and top stories from the fully searchable C&EN archives. What’s more, you can freely access the original paper for a month after the Watch Glass article appears. These historical gems include information on Dr Bose’s synthesis of penicillin in honor of World Antibiotic Awareness Week, or how the internet changed chemistry. The Watch Glass explores the quirky history of chemistry and shows us that from biochemistry and drug engineering to the moon landings, C&EN has always been at the forefront of scientific reporting.

Today, C&EN Online provides the latest news and supplementary material to C&EN print articles, as well as giving access to back issues of the magazine since 1998. Additionally, C&EN Online offers exclusive, web-only content, including videos, webinars, audio clips, slide shows, interactive graphics, and a constant feed of the latest in chemistry and related industry news you need. Each week, C&EN Online gives a global weekly perspective, reporting on pharmaceuticals, environmental remediation, alternative energy and fuels, and other key areas – giving readers around the world the awareness they need to advance their education and careers. Academics and Professors highly regard C&EN for the quality of its content, and often use C&EN Online to illustrate the practical applications of science, as well as to keep students informed about the latest scientific findings, government policies, and news. C&EN is vital to help stimulate discussions on current and past events in the classroom.

Full access to the C&EN Archives is available to institutional customers via an annual subscription.

To take a walk through the Watch Glass, click here http://cen.watchglass.org/

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