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New and Improved ACS Platform Launched

Supplementary Information Cropped 2ACS has enhanced its access to Supporting Information for its readers and joined forces with Figshare to deliver content further afield. Find out how this will change the way you read journal articles… 

Supporting Information is data or additional content developed by an author to supplement their published journal article. The intention is to further support the claims or information in the article. This may take the form of spectral data to qualify compounds discussed, computer code or three-dimensional models or X-ray crystallography, or it could be videos or audio recording to explain something that cannot be quantified in writing.

After listening to our readers, we have been working to make this crucial Supporting Information more accessible. In recent years over 1 million pages of Supporting Information were taken from the journal archives and made freely available. Download data suggest that ACS Supporting Information is critical to you – with over 27 million downloads made every year. Now, after researching what you need, our latest platform update allows even quicker access and improved searchability. Supporting Information can be linked to directly from the citations in the text of the original article, greatly enhancing the reader’s ability to quickly and easily access the Supporting Information from the published paper.

ACS remains committed to being the most trusted, most cited, and most read scientific publisher in the world, and we never stop improving. This is why we are pleased to also announce that we have recently partnered with Digital Science’s Figshare – an open repository designed to promote open data discovery and use. Once fully rolled out, this will make all ACS Supporting Information searchable from major internet search engines, and will facilitate the citation of Supporting Information, driving citation rates for institutions and authors. Additionally, open access to the Supporting Information within any ACS journal is now freely available to all users via the website

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