Are you ready to become an ACS Science Coach?

Are You Ready to Become an ACS Science Coach?

Maybe you’re a graduate student looking to broaden your experiences. Maybe you’re a researcher who wants to give something back. Maybe you’re a retired chemist with an interest in shaping the next generation of scientists. Wherever you are in your career, maybe it’s time you considered becoming an ACS Science Coach.

ACS Science Coaches are chemists who partner with an AACT teacher at an elementary, middle, or high school for a school year. They volunteer with a teacher at least six times per year, enhancing student’s classroom experience and appreciation of chemistry. Schools that participate in the program get a $500 donation from ACS.

ACS Science Coaches have a wonderful opportunity to help ignite students’ interest in chemistry and to share their unique experiences as professional chemists. Look at all the ways ACS Science Coaches are impacting students:

ACS Science Coach

Learn more about ACS Science Coach Program by visiting the Education booth at the ACS Village during the ACS Annual Meeting in San Diego, March 13-17. Can’t make it to the meeting? Visit the Science Coaches page to find out how you could help improve chemistry education.

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