Chemistry Poster Presentation Tips: 10 Keys to Success

Top 10 Poster Presentation Tips

So you’ve completed the research paper that will form the basis for your chemistry poster presentation. Your figures are all correctly formatted, and your citations are everywhere they need to be. Now you just need to prepare your chemistry poster presentation. Easy, right? Well, not always.

10 Keys to Giving an Effective Chemistry Poster Presentation

Putting together a chemistry poster presentation isn’t just about reformatting your paper. Your display should be more than a printout of each page of your research paper tacked together, side by side. It is an asset for your research. It is a continuation of your hard work and therefore it is worthy of your attention and time. The way you display your research can have significant effects on your career prospects and networking opportunities.

However, the process of creating a great display to highlight your paper doesn’t have to be painful. At the American Chemical Society, we know a thing or two about effective chemistry presentations. We’ve distilled some of our best tips for creating a display that grabs attention (and communicates the value your research) into one place. Here is an infographic detailing 10 tips to creating a knockout chemistry poster presentation that accurately and successfully presents your findings in a compelling way. This free graphic will help you take your research to another level, by helping you hone your science communication skills and showcase your paper in the best possible light.

Want to hang this chemistry poster presentation tips infographic in your lab? Download and print a copy of the 11×17” infographic.


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Did we leave out your favorite poster presentation tips? Share them in the comments!

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