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5 Publishing Tips for Researchers in China


It’s a good time to be a scientist in China. The Chinese government has strengthened its national programs for science and technology R&D, including investments in fundamental science and sustainable energy.

These advancements have helped make China the world’s second-largest publisher of scientific articles. ACS journals published more than 32,000 articles from China in the past 5 years. And the country is home to 30 ACS editors and 130 editorial advisory board members.

Given this high level of productivity, it’s more important than ever for researchers in China to set themselves apart. There are a few critical steps scientists can take to improve their chances of being accepted by a peer-reviewed journal.

  1. Know the field: You don’t want to waste your time on research that’s old news to your academic community. Read journals relevant to your field to stay current—tools like SciFinder are a great way to do this. Another good way to learn about trends in your field is to attend an international research conference.
  1. Partner with others: Collaborating with other scientists across the world can bring new strengths and perspectives to your work. It’s also an international learning opportunity for your students. When your research is complete, you can co-publish it with collaborators. China has made funds available for this type of work.
  1. Seek out funding: By 2019, China may be the world’s top spender on R&D. There are three main government-based funding sources: the National Natural Science Foundation of China, the Ministry of Science and Technology, and the Chinese Academy of Sciences. Some researchers can also secure funding through industry partnerships. Read up on these groups’ areas of support to determine which funder is right for you.
  1. Take advantage of open access: Low availability of journal articles in China makes open access a researcher’s best friend. Be sure to check out ACS open access journals ACS Central Science and ACS Omega, plus individual articles through ACS AuthorChoice and ACS Editors’ Choice.
  1. Prepare a high-quality manuscript: Your research won’t be published or cited if no one understands your ideas. If you are translating your work into English from Chinese, use simple, clear language to explain your results. For help with translation, document formatting, and figure services, give ACS ChemWorx a try.

China has become one of the world’s major contributors of scientific research. By making smart decisions about funding, partnerships, and manuscript preparation, researchers in China can put themselves on track for publication—and get their work noticed by a global audience.

Learn more about publishing in China. Download our latest white paper, part of the Growing Globally series.

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