Can nanoscience offer a "superweapon" for fighting cancer?

Video: Can Nanoscience Offer a “Superweapon” for Fighting Cancer?

Not all cancers are created equal. Some types of cancer, such as ovarian, stomach and pancreatic, can survive rounds of surgery and chemotherapy. Paula T. Hammond, Associate Editor of ACS Nano, calls these types of cancer “supervillains.” She says their persistence often stems from one of a number of genetic mutations. These mutations can confer a special ability, such as cells being able to reject medication before it can take effect. She argues we need new treatments to match these “superpowered” diseases. Hammond cites new research on  nanoparticles that can disable the genes that give cancers these abilities. Once their “superpowers” are deactivated, the cancer cells can be destroyed through conventional treatments.

Watch Hammond’s recent TED Talk, in which she explains how new nanoscience-based treatments are offering hope to patients suffering from persistent and aggressive diseases, such as ovarian cancer.

Paula T. Hammond is the Associate Editor of ACS Nano. She is also head of the Department of Chemical Engineering and David H. Koch Chair Professor in Engineering at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. She has published more than 250 scientific papers and holds more than 20 patents.

Discover more of Paula Hammond‘s cancer-focused research from the pages of ACS Nano:

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