Celebrate Earth Day 2016 with the Journal of Chemical Education

Celebrate Earth Day 2016 with the Journal of Chemical Education


Chemists Celebrate Earth Day is an ACS annual event that seeks to bring international focus to environmental topics, such as clean air, water, and energy. Earth Day serves to illustrate the positive role chemistry plays in understanding and preserving the Earth. In honor of Earth Day 2016, the Journal of Chemical Education is highlighting recently published content with an emphasis on environmental chemistry.

The Journal of Chemical Education (JCE) publishes peer-reviewed articles and related information. We do this as a resource to those in the field of chemical education and to the institutions that serve them. The novel, interesting, and useful material in JCE includes chemistry content, activities, laboratory experiments, instructional methods, and pedagogies. JCE serves as a means of communication among people across the world interested in the teaching and learning of chemistry.

Environmental chemistry engages students of all levels in learning new chemistry concepts by relating chemistry to their daily lives as well as triggering awareness of environmental issues. Recently published articles, activities, and laboratory experiments provide ideas and suggestions for bringing environmental chemistry to students. Some the topics recently covered include: water quality; climate science & greenhouse gases; atmospheric chemistry; sustainability, green chemistry & environmental awareness; and energy storage technology.

The Journal of Chemical Education has 93 volumes of interesting material on a wide variety of environmental chemistry topics. Some of the topics covered such as teaching environmental chemistry at a science summer camp, determining arsenic in sinus wash and tap water, investigating ocean acidification, exploring cloud formation, and experimenting with solar cells.

Connect the classroom experience to the greater world by accessing the Journal of Chemical Education today.

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