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ACS Launches Energy Letters

Every year, ACS Publications launches new journals that address specialist topics and emerging or niche science. There is a growing demand for specialist publishing outlets to support the work being done in the scientific community. It is the ACS belief that specialist journals allow the dissemination of more volume and detail than may be appropriate in a mainstream or generalist title, and help to foster collaboration between scientists in the field, creating new potential and furthering the research that is possible.

So far in 2016, there have already been two new additions to the ACS Publications portfolio. ACS Energy Letters will be a rare mid-year launch in acknowledgement of this rapidly changing area of research.

ACS Energy Letters will be a peer-reviewed journal devoted to new scientific advances in all aspects of energy research. The journal will focus on the rapid publication of research in the fields of energy capture, conversion, and storage. Regular topics for inclusion will look at energy materials and light-harvesting assemblies, as well as energy conversion processes, inorganic, organic and hybrid photovoltaics. A range of fuel disciplines will be covered – from solar fuels, photosynthesis and biofuels, to fuel cells, storage batteries and supercapacitors. Submissions will also be welcomed in the fields of plasmonics, OLEDs, and light display systems, as well as tandem devices, piezoelectric, and thermoelectric processes.

ACS Energy Letters will disseminate perspectives from prominent researchers in the field, with reviews on emerging areas of interest, and viewpoints from the scientific community. This exciting new interdisciplinary journal has been designed to appeal to experimentalists, computational and theoretical chemists, and energy device makers who seek to gain insights into new energy advances. The journal will be a valuable addition to library collections and will engage readers and researchers.

Research submissions are being considered now, with the first issue due for publication in July 2016. There will be 6 issues produced this year and 12 issues annually starting in 2017. You can visit the journal website to see ASAP articles published online ahead of print. Or follow us on Twitter @ACSEnergyLett for news and updates.

Once launched, ACS Energy Letters will be added to the All Publications or All Access library subscription packages as a matter of course, so any institutions or companies subscribing at this level will have automatic access. For users with a token package such as ACS Metered Access or ACS Core Plus Package, tokens may be used to provide access to ACS Energy Letters. Alternatively, users can purchase a 6- or 18-month subscription that aligns with their typical calendar year renewal.

If you would like to find out more about this exciting new title, or if you would like to receive library materials to help raise awareness of this new journal within the research community in your institution, visit the library administrator site and download the latest KBART file. If your institution’s research involves energy or the environment, talk with the ACS sales team about ensuring access for your users.

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