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4 Steps to Improving Submission Success for Indian Scientists

In recent years, India has seen substantial growth in its annual output of scientific publications. It quadrupled its research output between 2001 and 2013. The country’s greatest research strengths are in chemistry and materials science. While India has a low density of researchers relative to the size of its population, the number of women entering the research workforce is growing at an unprecedented rate.

Over the last five years, ACS Publications has published more than 48,000 articles from China, India, Korea, and Brazil. More than 7,000— 15% —of those articles were published by authors in India.

India’s scientific output will likely continue to increase. The government announced its annual budget in early 2016, allocating 44.7 billion rupees to the Department of Science and Technology and 18.2 billion rupees to the Department of Biotechnology. These figures represent increases of 17% and 12%, respectively, over the 2015 budget.

More funding leads to more publications. With this surge ahead, it’s more important than ever for researchers in India to produce high-quality, original work that sets them apart. There are four critical steps scientists can take to improve the chances of a peer-reviewed journal accepting their work. Discover these four steps and get critical tips for presenting your research in the best light with the new ACS Publications white paper, “Growing Globally: How Scientists in India Can Share Their Research with the World.”

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