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ACS Sensors’ J. Justin Gooding Named Felllow of Australian Academy of Science


ACS Sensors Editor-in-Chief J. Justin Gooding was named a fellow of the Australian Academy of Science this week. Gooding is one of 21 honorees recognized by the organization, each of whom were recognized for making significant and lasting impacts in their scientific disciplines.

The academy praised Gooding for his use of “electrochemistry, synthetic chemistry, interfacial physical chemistry, electron transfer theory, protein biochemistry, and cytochemistry, in order to modify surfaces at the molecular level to enable them to specifically recognise biochemical molecules and to transduce that biochemical information to the end user directly within biological fluids.” They also lauded his work in developing ways to detect bioactive metals and his pursuit of a silicon chip capable of sensing infection.

Learn more about J. Justin Gooding and his work in this video:

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