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See What Makes ACS Omega Different

The first ACS Omega articles are finally here! ACS Omega is our brand new open access journal. It publishes high-quality original articles from across all aspects of chemistry. The journal is led by 4 prestigious coeditors from across the globe: Cornelia Bohne, Luis M. Liz-Marzán, Krishna N. Ganesh, and Deqing Zhang. Together, they give the journal a uniquely global focus that promotes new voices and new ideas from around the world.

Curious about the kinds of research featured in ACS Omega? Check out a few samples:

• A new way to conduct a whole class of solvothermal reactions that is faster, simpler, cheaper and enables continuous monitoring of the reaction itself.
• A low-cost natural compound present in the soil (humic acid) is used in solar cells, giving very good performance.
• The development of an innovative red glazing for traditional Japanese porcelains that is lead-free and thus much less harmful for the environment.
• Using a material sensitive to light and a catalyst in tandem to achieve photochemical reactions that would be impossible with either material alone. This could be useful in environmental remediation.
• The creation of an artificial mimic of an enzyme that combats oxydative stress in the body. The benefit of using the mimic is the controlled environment in which it operates, rendering it potentially useful in the therapeutic arena.

Unlike other journals, ACS Omega doesn’t make subjective judgments about an article’s impact, but encourages emerging fields and multidisciplinary research. The journal also offers expedited manuscript handling and simplified formatting requirements, leaving authors free to focus on chemistry.

New research will be added each week and every article is free to read. Sign up for ACS Omega e-mail alerts now and never miss a breakthrough.

To find out more about submitting to ACS Omega, visit our submission page.

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