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Celebrate and Innovate at the 252nd ACS National Meeting and Exposition


The theme of the upcoming ACS National Meeting is “Chemistry of the People, by the People, for the People.” This theme will be on full display at the highly anticipated Kavli Lecture Series, promoting groundbreaking discovery and public understanding of the world’s mounting challenges and how chemistry can provide solutions. Lecture attendees will be able to hear Dr. Omar Farha of Northwestern University speak about his work on “Bioinspired Sponges: Metal-Organic Frameworks for Combating Nerve Agents and Toxic Gases.” In addition, Dr. Chad A. Mirkin, also of Northwestern University, will speak on “Establishing a Genetic Code for Unnatural Materials.”

A great first step is to check out Chemical & Engineering News (C&EN), a weekly resource that chemists count on to deliver the latest chemistry news from the worlds of research, business, education, government, and beyond.  Meet C&EN’s Talented 12. Stop by the theater to hear from this year’s group of rising stars in the world of chemistry and chemical engineering.

At CAS, a division of the American Chemical Society, we are scientists, technologists and business leaders who continuously and passionately pursue new knowledge in our quest to fuel scientific discovery and empower innovation. We welcome your visit to the ACS booth to learn more about exciting workflow solutions from CAS that help you make more confident research decisions. Dedicated to the ACS vision of improving people’s lives through the transforming power of chemistry, the CAS team of highly trained scientists finds, collects and organizes all publicly disclosed substance information, creating the world’s most reliable collection of content that is vital to innovation worldwide. CAS provides a suite of solutions, including SciFinder®, STN®, PatentPak™, NCI™ Global, Science IP®, MethodsNow™, and our latest solution to complete your comprehensive research collection, ChemZent™. Researchers, patent professionals and decision-makers around the world rely on solutions from CAS to advance the scientific enterprise by enabling discovery and facilitating workflows. Get to know CAS, and let’s explore ways we can advance research together!

Stop by the ACS Publications booth to learn about the improvements to the Manuscript Transfer Service. With ACS Omega you have even more options to find the best fit for your research. Have you ever wanted to see your face on an ACS journal cover? Now’s your chance—swing by Sunday night between 6:30pm and 8:00pm to snap a photo and become the star of your favorite ACS Journal.  Authors and reviewers—while you’re there, make sure to sign our appreciation wall and pick up a special giveaway.

The ACS Web Team is on a mission to revamp the content strategy on www.acs.org, so it’s easier for you to find what you want and discover new and valuable content. Based on the most popular, most searched and most engaging content on the site, we’re improving how the content is organized. This means you’ll receive more targeted and relevant ACS content organized by topics that are most important to you. Stop by the ACS web kiosk to see how we’ve re-imagined Lab Safety-related content on the site and give us your feedback! Take a quiz to find out how much you know about Chemical Lab Safety and get a free gift while supplies last.

The ACS Career Navigator™ is your home for career services, leadership development, in-person and online professional education courses, and market intelligence resources. Our team will be on hand to explain how the ACS Career Navigator™ products and services help you achieve your career goals, along with providing opportunities to refresh skills and branch into new areas of emerging science and advanced applications. Discover “The Happy Chemists Guide to the Career Navigator” and get your own Happy Chemist USB Charger.

The ACS Member Insurance Program is celebrating 50 years of service. As we celebrate with treats we also want to celebrate everything that passes your life’s Litmus test. Share your transformative personal experiences you’ve had, and tell us how you define true living and receive a free gift (while supplies last). Speak with representatives to learn how we can help you protect what matters most in your life. Explore a wide array of insurance solutions that are available exclusively to ACS members, such as Life & Health, International Term Life Insurance, Disability Income Insurance, Auto & Homeowners, Professional Liability, Chemical Educators’ Legal Liability and more. We look forward to celebrating 50 years of growth and serving our members through plans specially designed for our member’s needs.

ACS members get a gift for sharing their story at www.my.acs.org at the National Meeting. Let us know how you connect, share, discover, and advance with ACS.
Of course, the team at the membership kiosk will be there to answer any questions you have about the benefits of ACS membership. If you have questions about ACS membership at any other time, please call 800-333-9511 or +1-614-447-3776 (from outside of the U.S.), M–F, 8:30 a.m.–5:00 p.m. Eastern Time, or email us at service@acs.org.

Finally, don’t leave Philadelphia without getting your T-shirts, mole souvenirs, beaker mugs, and more at the ACS Store.

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