Awards Recognize the Best Journal of Natural Products Papers

Awards Recognize the Best Journal of Natural Products Papers

The best papers published in the Journal of Natural Products during 2015 were recently recognized with a pair of awards.

The 2016 Arthur E. Schwarting Award goes to Johanna Michl, Geoffrey C. Kite, Stefan Wanke, Oliver Zierau, Gunter Vollmer, Christoph Neinhuis, Monique S.J. Simmons, and Michael Heinrich. The award recognizes their paper, “LC-MS and 1H NMR-Based Metabolomics Analysis and in Vitro Toxicological Assessment of 43 Aristolochia Species” as the best paper published in the Journal of Natural Products in 2015.

The 2016 Jack L. Beal Award goes to Stephanie J. Conn, Shannon M. Vreeland, Alexandra N. Wexler, Rebecca H. Pouwer, Ronald J. Quinn, and Stephen Chamberland. The award celebrates their paper, “Total Synthesis of Clavatadine A.,” as the best paper in the Journal of Natural Products by younger researchers. The winners of this award must be within 12 years of receiving their Ph.D. degree or within 10 years of gaining their first professional appointment.

Selection for this award is very competitive. Editors Daneel Ferreira, A. Douglas Kinghorn, Cedric J. Pearce, Philip J. Proteau, and Steven M. Swanson each nominated two papers for the Schwarting Award and just one for the Beal Award. John Beutler (U.S. National Cancer Institute-Frederick, Frederick, Maryland), Chair, Shmuel Carmeli (University of Tel Aviv, Israel), and Mark Hamann (Medical University of South Carolina) handled the final round of judging.

The awards, now in their 15th year, were created in partnership with the Foundation Board of the American Society of Pharmacognosy and are named for two important former editors of the Journal of Natural Products. Recipients of the awards will receive a check and a plaque from the Foundation of the American Society of Pharmacognosy in honor of their achievement.

Learn more about the research being published in the Journal of Natural Products and be sure to check out previous Arthur E. Schwarting and Jack L. Beal Award-Winning articles

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