Are You Eligible for an ACS Omega Discount?

Cnv4CrQXYAAIkUy.jpg-largeEver wondered how much it costs to publish in ACS Omega? Wonder no more. We’ve got a cost calculator for that. Calculate your article publishing charge.

Here’s the breakdown: The base price for publication in ACS Omega is $2,000, but membership and regional discounts apply. If you’re an ACS member, the base price for publication drops down to $1,500. (Hint: membership only costs $162.00, much less than the $500 discount it affords you. Join here). Country discounts may also apply and some researchers may be charged as little as $500 per article. Does your funder require a CC-BY license? We’ve got you covered: These are available for $500.

If pricing is still a concern after the discounts, always check if you have unredeemed ACS Author Rewards. If you published an article in an ACS publication in 2014, it is very likely you still have some funds available to help offset the cost of open access APCs. For each article published in 2014, the corresponding author received $1,500 in ACS Author Rewards credits, which can be used toward any ACS open access option. These can be used toward all APCs for ACS Omega, meaning you could potentially publish your first article (or two!) for free or at a highly discounted rate. If you don’t have ACS Author Rewards available, it’s worth asking your labmates: all credits are fully transferable between researchers.

We encourage all researchers to consider publishing their next article with ACS Omega. With a focus on new and original research from across the globe, ACS Omega publishes original peer-reviewed articles with connections to chemistry. Upon publication, all articles are made immediately open access, allowing zero barriers to readership. Editorial decisions will be made based on the quality of the research, without any restrictive or subjective assessment of importance. Research articles in emerging multidisciplinary fields are especially encouraged.

Curious what types of research is published in ACS Omega? Check out the first batch of articles online now.

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