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Renewal Season is Here: What You Can Expect and How to Make it Go Smoothly

Approximately 6,000 organizations worldwide subscribe to ACS Publications and we employ a number of different mechanisms for delivering your quotation and helping you through the renewal process. If you handle the journal subscriptions and renewals for your organization, you should have already received your 2017 renewal quote. So now what?

This short article should help you to understand what to do if you don’t yet have a renewal quote, how to interpret the quote, how to confirm your renewal, and when it is due. It will also help you to take steps to ensure your communications with ACS are uninterrupted and answer a number of questions you may have.

1. Don’t have a renewal quotation yet—let’s get you one right away. The best way to receive a quotation is to contact your sales representative or agent directly. Find your representative’s contact information by region.   If you are unable to reach your sales contact, or have any other challenges, our support team would be glad to provide you with your quotation. Just send them an e-mail and let them know your organization name. They can also be reached by phone at +1 (614) 4473674.

2. Help me understand what is and what is not on my quotation. The first thing worth mentioning is that subscribers to packages like ACS All Publications Package, ACS Core Plus Package, or even the ACS All Access Plan will only see one line item for package based products even though the package provides access to a variety of products and journals. If you see any line items you don’t recognize or you just need additional details, don’t hesitate to contact your sales representative. They can provide you with a detailed content listing for each package.

What is the “New Options” section? Some customers will notice a section at the bottom of the quotation called “New Options”. This section will list product(s) that evidence suggests your patrons are attempting to access. Again, your sales rep is a great resource for more information. Don’t hesitate to contact them and ask why these new opportunities were suggested. They should be able to provide you with some data to review. If you are not interested in any of these opportunities, simply ignore them. If you would like to add any of them to your 2017 subscriptions, just check the box and we’ll add them to your portfolio and invoice.

What are the new products and product changes? There are a few new products available. We’ll get the most confusing one out of the way first, ACS Energy Letters. This new journal is not unique in terms of format or content, it is only unique in that the journal went live in June of 2016. For customers who had any of our all access style packages like “ACS All Publications”, this journal was automatically made available to your patrons at no additional cost. This is one of the main benefits of these packages—if we add anything while you have the package; you get access to it seamlessly. Others need to contact us for mid-year access options.

The only new journal for 2017 will be a new title focused on atmospheric and space chemistry. You may be asking, “Why is the scientific community in need of such a journal?” Well, that is fairly simple. Space chemistry touches us in many ways and the one of the most obvious is probably in your hand right now. It is your cell phone. Global communications and positioning as we know it would not be possible without satellites we launch into and leave in space. Just getting satellites into orbit in the first place requires a lot of atmospheric and propulsion chemistry. Once they are in space, all of the chemicals connecting the circuits behave differently in micro gravity. Helping us understand this helps us keep satellites functioning properly for communications, weather, environmental monitoring, and more.

3. How do I confirm my renewal? If your quotation is accurate and no changes are required, the easiest way to confirm your renewal is to e-mail us with the following, “Please renew my 2017 subscriptions for _____ Organization as indicated on quotation number ______ for $______.” If you copy and paste this text into an e-mail and fill in the blanks, we’ll have everything we need to confirm your renewal.   You can send this confirmation e-mail to either your sales representative or our support team and they’ll make sure your access is protected for the coming year. There are also instructions on the quote should you wish to fax us your renewal or request that we invoice a subscription agent on your behalf.

When are renewals due? If you are a procrastinator, your last minute deadline is December 15, 2016 but we don’t recommend waiting until then. When renewals are received after that date, we cannot guarantee service will not be interrupted. If you need to consider alternative or additional options, let’s get the conversation started right away.

How do I ensure I remain in regular communications with ACS Publications? Make sure to sign up for the ACS Library Quarterly Newsletter. While you are at it, please don’t forget to add three critical e-mail addresses to your address book. Include for customer support and to reach the sales and management team. You’ll also want to include your sales contact’s e-mail, which can be looked up online.

If there is more than one person in your organization who should receive sales related notifications, we will gladly update our systems to reflect that. Simply e-mail and let us know the names, e-mails, and titles of the people at your organization who should receive renewal and sales related communications.

Finally, don’t forget to look for us at most global library and scientific trade shows or on social media. Follow us on Twitter.

4. Just in case you need it, here is a renewal checklist. There is an important item below that many libraries seem to be missing. Can you figure out which? We’ll give you a hint, it is in bold.

  • Make sure you have your quote.
  • Review your quote with your sales rep and make changes as needed.
  • Formally confirm your renewal by December 15, 2016 or sooner.Make sure all of your subscriptions are logged in your library systems and don’t forget our non-journal products and open access journals like ACS Central Science and ACS Omega. Below are a few links you may need:
  • Ensure you communication with ACS Stays open by following the step listed earlier in this article.
  • Contact us with any questions.


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