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Introducing ACS Earth and Space Chemistry

Get ready to expand the boundaries of chemistry with ACS Publications’ newest journal: ACS Earth and Space Chemistry, which is currently accepting submissions. Starting in 2017, this peer-reviewed, interdisciplinary journal will publish high-impact basic and applied research from a variety of disciplines, including atmospheric and marine chemistry, astrochemistry, and analytical geochemistry. ACS Earth and Space Chemistry will look at chemical materials and processes, both here on Earth and throughout the universe.

Inaugural Editor-in-Chief Joel D. Blum will lead ACS Earth and Space Chemistry. Blum is the J.D. MacArthur Professor, A.F. Thurnau Professor, and G.J. Keeler Distinguished University Professor of Earth and Environmental Sciences at the University of Michigan and has more than 200 research papers to his name. His recent research focuses on the chemistry of mercury in aquatic, terrestrial, and atmospheric systems. He has also studied the petrogenesis of igneous rocks, mineral weathering and its effect on global climate, arsenic and lead in groundwater, and the effects of acid deposition and atmospheric dust on nutrient cycling in forests.

The journal will fill a unique niche in the ACS Publications portfolio of journals, combining fundamental and applied research in the fields of geology, astronomy, oceanography, and atmospheric science. It will explore important topics with practical consequences, such as climate change, sustainability of soil and water resources, exploration for natural resources, and changes in atmospheric and ocean chemistry.

The journal will use a variety of formats including articles, letters, reviews, and features, giving authors choices as to how best to communicate their discoveries. Scientists from around the globe whose work involves the application of chemistry methodologies across the geological, planetary and astronomical sciences are encouraged to submit their best work to ACS Earth and Space Chemistry.

Learn more about ACS Earth and Space Chemistry.

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