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ACS Publications Improves Website Features and Customer Security

In an effort to continuously improve the ACS Publications website for our global community, we recently introduced a number of upgrades. These improvements will enhance the discoverability and accessibility of articles, while concurrently increasing security and preventing unauthorized access of customer data.

One key improvement is the addition of “Remember Me” functionality for ACS ID logins on our website. With this functionality, we can recognize repeat website visits so that you can seamlessly save and access your favorite content. It also authenticates your login across other ACS websites, including ACS ChemWorx and C&EN.

Another enhancement is the improvement of our search function. When searching for an author name, you can locate and identify it via phonetic or a similar spelling to the actual name.

Finally, as a security measure, we have introduced two-factor authentication for library administrators on InfoCentral. Our two-factor authentication is verified either via IP Authentication or SMS text message. The first time you, an administrator, access your account from outside of an institution’s IP range, you will be asked to provide a SMS compatible phone number. A short code will be sent to your mobile device to verify your identity. Two-factor authentication has become a widely implemented security practice, with many universities implementing it for their accounts. ACS is committed to supporting best practices and keeping customers’ accounts secure.

Account Administrators: if you have any questions regarding two-factor authentication, please contact ACS Publications Customer Service & Support any time:


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