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What Does Open Access Mean to You?

October 24-28 is Open Access Week, a time to share open access research, learn about open access publishing options, and to ponder the implications of making more research more freely available. Authors now have more options that ever for making their research open, such as ACS Omega, ACS Central Science, ACS AuthorChoice, ACS Editors’ Choice, and ACS Author Rewards. As a result, chemists around the world can now read an ever-growing trove of open access chemistry research.

What are the effects of this important trend? We asked you to share your thoughts on the impact of open access – the good, the bad and everything in between. Here are some of our favorite comments:

The ACS open access options provide our authors with flexibility to achieve whatever they need for their manuscript, assuring them a greater impact and increased dissemination. —  Jonathan Sweedler, Editor-in-Chief of Analytical Chemistry

My experience with publishing open access in ACS has been exceptionally positive. After the ACS Editors’ Choice open access initiative was launched, I found the selected articles to not only feature intellectually stimulating work from a scientific standpoint, but the papers were also able to communicate their discoveries clearly to me. I was ecstatic when our submission to ACS Biomaterials Science & Engineering was selected for this program and would be accessible to global communities of scientists and engineers.Jeff Ting, University of Minnesota

Open access is important for nationally-funded research. It gives greater access to the public community to access the results of scientific investment. — Bryan Coad, University of South Australia

Editor’s Note: Comments have been edited for length, clarity and style.

Learn more about all the different ways that ACS is promoting open access chemistry research – and discover some of our open access papers for yourself.
Now it’s your turn. Tell us what open access mean to you in the comments!


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