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Members are the cornerstone—the heart and soul—of the American Chemical Society. Our mission is to “advance the broader chemistry enterprise and its practitioners for the benefit of Earth and its people”, which ACS Publications supports by providing essential resources to advance science and its practitioners. As such we are proud to offer a variety of ACS member benefits

We serve 157,000 members around the world, many of whom read and publish research in ACS Publications journals, eBooks and other resources. ACS Membership offers a host of advantages when it comes to chemistry research, providing expanded access and discounts to aid chemists in their work and their careers. We strive to make membership worthwhile and accessible to all by providing ACS membership benefits.

Not convinced just yet? Here are the many ACS member benefits you receive from ACS Publications

ACS Members Get Universal Access

  • Access 25 articles or book chapters from any of our 50+ journals, 1,400 eBooks, and over 90 years of C&EN archives. If that’s not enough downloads for you, we offer deep discounts on pay-per-view articles and journal subscriptions.

ACS Members Get Discounts on Articles on Command

  • Receive 70% off single article and eBook chapter downloads and get C&EN Archives articles for $5 each. Access for up to 48 hours with your ACS ID login.

ACS Members Can Purchase E-Passports

  • Access the entire suite of ACS jounals, eBooks, and C&EN Archives at the fixed price of $500 for 250 articles. You also have the option to expand to 500 articles per membership term for an additional cost.

ACS Members Get Discounts on E-Subscriptions

  • Pay only $99 per year to subscribe to any ACS journal or Legacy Archive, with up to 250 articles per journal. Special discounts for The Journal of Chemical Education are available for students and K-12 teachers.

ACS Members Get Chemical & Engineering News

  • Our weekly news magazine covering chemistry, life sciences, and more is included for FREE with your membership in print or electronic format. Stay up to date on the latest developments in science and technology, industry, and beyond.

ACS Members Get the ACS Books Discount

  • In partnership with the Oxford University Press, ACS members receive the following discounts on the purchase of print books:
    • 30% discount on Symposium Series volumes when purchased online at Oxford University Press.
    • 40% discount on ACS or OUP books for ACS members who publish books in the ACS Symposium Series (as an editor or contributor) through their ACS Division.
    • 40% discount on orders placed by Division members for their division-sponsored books at every ACS National Meeting.
    • 40% discount on all new books published and sponsored by your ACS Division for 4 months after publication.

ACS Members Get Open Access Initiatives

  • ACS Publications offers a variety of options, from journals to licensing, when it comes to open access publishing. ACS membership gives authors exclusive opportunities to publish their research free and open at a much lower cost, saving up to $2,500 per purchase. Visit org for more information and a full pricing list.
    • ACS AuthorChoice: Save 50% off an ACS AuthorChoice license, with an additional discount if you are an author at an ACS Publications subscribing institution. In addition, if you wish to purchase a Creative Commons license (CC-BY or CC-BY-NC-ND), members receive $500 off standard pricing.
    • ACS Author Rewards: Authors who published in 2014 received $1500 in reward credits, which can be used towards any ACS open access option. When combined with membership, you could publish open access at no cost!
    • ACS Omega: Save $500 off publishing charges in ACS Publications’ newest fully open access, multidisciplinary journal.

Become a member today at To learn more about ACS member benefits, purchase articles, subscriptions, and other ACS Publications products with your membership, visit

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