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ACS Publications Articles Now Display Altmetric Attention Scores

As a service to our global community of authors, ACS Publications is now providing a more comprehensive picture of the impact of the scientific research published in our suite of journals. Through our partnership with Altmetric—the web-based, alternative metrics platform that provides authors with a single view of the online activity surrounding their scholarly content—we now display the Altmetric Attention Score on all research articles published across our portfolio of 50 peer-reviewed research journals.

The benefit to you as a researcher and author is the ability to view a more organized and comprehensive record of an article’s online shares, while concurrently tracking discussions of a research article’s findings and results. Altmetric tracks a variety of sources, including social media, traditional media (both mainstream and science specific), online reference managers, forums and Wikipedia. The information is aggregated to produce an Altmetric Attention Score that is a qualitative measure of the quality and quantity of attention received by an article. Read more about how the Altmetric Attention Score is calculated.

In addition, we will accompany the Altmetric Attention Score with a display of total article views. This number is the COUNTER-compliant sum of full text article downloads (including PDF, ACS ActiveView PDF, and full text HTML article views). Authors and researchers can easily see the broad impact of an article by viewing both the number of full-text downloads with the Altmetric Attention Score.

The number of full text article downloads will be shown by default in the right column of every article:

Select “More Article Metrics” to view the Altmetric Attention Score:

To view further data on the Altmetric Attention Score calculation, simply select the number inside the Altmetric “Donut” to view the overview of attention for that article:

“We are pleased to now be incorporating Altmetric data on our journal articles,” says Jeff Lang, Assistant Director of Platform Development at ACS Publications. “This is a great opportunity for authors to gain a wider understanding of the impact of their work, while providing researchers and others with an idea of how the article has been received by a broader audience.”

Discover these new metrics by taking a closer look at the data on this article from ACS Energy Letters: 100k Cycles and Beyond: Extraordinary Cycle Stability for MnO2 Nanowires Imparted by a Gel Electrolyte

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