Exploring Nanoscience With Priestley Medal Winner Mostafa El-Sayed

Diving Into the Nanoscale World With Priestley Medal Winner Mostafa El-Sayed

Mostafa El-Sayed’s chemistry career spans almost 60 years. His research includes using lasers and other tools to better understand the properties and behavior of molecules, especially the properties of nanoscale materials. He is a pioneer in the use of nanomedicine to fight cancer. He even has a spectroscopy rule named after him: the “El-Sayed rule,” which deals with how energy cascades into other forms when electrons are absorbed. For all of these reasons and more, the American Chemical Society awarded it’s highest honor, the Priestley Medal, to El-Sayed in 2016.

In this video, Mostafa El-Sayed discusses his nanoscience research, his approach to international scientific collaboration, and the future of cancer treatments:

Learn more about Mostafa El-Sayed‘s research and get more videos from the American Chemical Society.

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