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ACS Open Access Offers Choices That Will Fit Every Need

ACS Publications offers gold open access solutions on all titles, from Accounts of Chemical Research to Organometallics. If researchers want to publish open access, they can easily do so under our ACS AuthorChoice license. CC-BY licenses, the most flexible licenses available, are also available to authors for an added fee. For a full list of pricing, including eligible discounts, please visit the link here

All researchers who opt for an ACS AuthorChoice license will also benefit from ACS Certified Deposit at no additional cost. ACS Certified Deposit is a program designed to assist authors in managing deposits of ACS AuthorChoice articles into repositories. This includes authors who participate in ACS AuthorChoice and ACS AuthorChoice+12 for ACS journals, authors who publish in a fully open access journal, such as ACS Central Science (complimentary to authors selected for publication) or ACS Omega, and authors selected for complimentary open access in ACS Editors’ Choice. ACS will also maintain long-term records verifying the deposit of an article in a repository and will make those records available to the authors of an article published with ACS upon request. More information about ACS Certified Deposit is available here.

If a researcher at your institution is publishing their research from a specific funder—for example, Wellcome Trust or NIH—ACS Publications will automatically send them an e-mail instructing them on how they can comply with their funder mandates as long as the author properly reported their funder using the Open Funder Registry Tool in ACS Paragon Plus. Please be sure to remind your researchers to use this tool because it helps improve their chances of obtaining grant renewals and continued funding as well as increases the discoverability of their work to other researchers and funders.

For more information on funding requirements and how ACS helps researchers meet these mandates, please visit the link here.

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