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ACS Central Science Earns Prestigious PROSE Award

When ACS Publications launched ACS Central Science in 2015, it aimed to chart a new course in how innovative research is shared not just with the scientific community, but with the public at large. That approach recently earned the journal the prestigious PROSE Journal/Award for Innovation.

Presented by the Association of American Publishers, the PROSE awards recognize excellence in professional and scholarly publishing. The PROSE Innovation Award, is particularly noteworthy because it is not issued annually, but rather at the judges’ discretion to acknowledge particularly unique achievements among new journals,.

Led by Editor-in-Chief Carolyn R. Bertozzi of Stanford University, ACS Central Science is designed to appeal to a broad audience across the chemical, physical, life, and multidisciplinary sciences. At its core is the mission to elevate chemistry as the central science.

“This is wonderful news and a perfect reflection of the hard word and creativity that the ACS team has brought to this fulfilling and important endeavor. Thank you all for your contributions that made this possible,” said Bertozzi.

In its first 22 issues, ACS Central Science published more than 150 research articles and more than 100 editorials, news stories, interviews, and commentaries. It has attracted and accepted submissions from leading scientific authors, including four Nobel laureates.

While the journal is highly selective in terms of the submissions it publishes, it has made tremendous strides in sharing that research with broader audiences. ACS Central Science is ACS Publications’ first fully open access journal and the first to receive a dedicated mobile app. It is supported by smart multimedia pieces developed for general audiences, LiveSlides, a dynamic website, and an active social media presence.

In addition, the journal staff worked with the ACS Office of External Affairs & Communication to develop an embargoed press release process to promote the research it publishes. The journal has been featured in hundreds pieces of online press coverage with a combined total audience exceeding 1 billion.

The PROSE award is recognition that the journal is building a global audience for groundbreaking science—and is setting the bar for accessibility to thought-provoking research and commentary.

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