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Take the ACS Infectious Diseases #ACSmicrobiome Quiz

The microbiome is a hot topic in the popular media and in labs around the world. Chemists, biochemists, and other scientists are continually making new discoveries about the microbiome and how it affects health and the environment.

To highlight the latest chemistry, biochemistry, and chemical biology research on how the microbiome relates to infectious diseases, ACS Infectious Diseases is publishing a Special Issue titled The Microbiome with Guest Editor Emily Balskus later this year. If you’re doing research in these areas, please visit The Microbiome Special Issue call for papers to learn more and submit your manuscript.

Take The Microbiome Quiz!

Take the Microbiome Quiz
1. Which area on the surface of the human body has been found to host the most diverse collection of microbes?
Behind the ear

On the forearm

In the bellybutton

In-between the toes

It’s no secret that the human body is made up largely of microbes – over 100 trillion by some estimates. By what ratio do microbes outnumber human cells in our bodies?
10 to 1

100 to 1

1,000 to 1

10,000 to 1

The human digestive tract is home to a majority of the microbes that make up the human microbiome. Roughly what percent of an individual’s microbiome can be found in their digestive tract?





A recent Dutch study concluded that individuals who engage in intimate kissing have a more similar oral microbiota composition compared with unrelated individuals. On average, how many bacteria did they find were transferred in a 10 second intimate kiss?
10 million

80 million

120 million

200 million

Which winner of the Nobel Prize in Medicine purposely ingested Heliobacter pylori in order to prove that stomach ulcers are caused by bacteria, not stress?
Linda Buck

Harold zur Hausen

Barry Marshall

Shinya Yamanaka

Which ACS journal is currently accepting papers for an upcoming Special Issue on the Microbiome?
ACS Infectious Diseases

Journal of Proteome Research

ACS Medicinal Chemistry


Think You Know the Human Microbiome?
ACS Infectious Diseases invites you to take this short, six question quiz to test your knowledge of some of the more interesting developments in research surrounding the human microbiome over the past 15 years. Go with your gut and see if you can get all six questions right! Take our quiz and find out!

Whether you’re researching the microbiome or not, it’s hard at work having an effect on your body and your health. Take this short ACS Infectious Diseases quiz and test your knowledge on the human microbiome then watch The Microbiome in Health and Disease, a webinar sponsored by ACS Infectious Diseases and Journal of Proteome Research to learn more.

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