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JACS Image Challenge: Spectacularly Scientifically Fun!

In order to allow readers to interact with research content in an educational manner, the Journal of the American Chemical Society is launching the JACS Image Challenge on our Facebook page!

JACS Image Challenge is a recurring multiple-choice question about a recent JACS article or communication. You may take a look at the image from a recent JACS publication and then respond to the related question to test your understanding of chemistry. The goal is for this challenge to provide an interactive, enjoyable experience for all users, but be particularly valuable to advancing understanding of students.

All authors of recent JACS publications are welcome to submit their own Image Challenge questions. Please adhere to the multiple-choice format of the current question, and send your question to managing.editor@jacs.acs.org. Do not forget to include the correct answer with a short explanation and your suggested figure from the publication. Questions may be edited for style and accuracy, and we may not be able to post every image challenges we receive.

Come and take the first JACS Image Challenge in 2017:

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