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What’s the “B” in The Journal of Physical Chemistry B?

In case you ever wondered if there is a special meaning (beyond simple alphabetic ordering) to the letter B in the title of  The Journal of Physical Chemistry B, the answer is “no”, or at least not explicitly. Implicitly, the letter B plays a central role in the journal. In this Virtual Issue, we highlight the “B” in JPC with a survey of recent articles on Biomolecules and Biomaterials.

JPC B publishes some of the most innovative work in the field of Biophysics from authors around the world. The selected 25 articles demonstrate that modern physical chemistry possesses sharp spectroscopic and computational tools that can address prominent biophysical and biochemical questions, such as What is the role of water in the hydration shell of proteins or lipid membranes? What is the interplay between protein aggregation and formation of fibrils? How does cholesterol modulate lipid flip-flop in cell membranes? Why does urea denature proteins? What keeps bases stacked in DNA? How to label DNA to increase radiation damage to cancer cells? We believe that you will find this Virtual Issue interesting to read. Inside of it, you will discover inspirational answers to the above Biophysical questions and much more.

This new virtual issue contains 25 papers published in the biomolecules and biomaterials sections of the The Journal of Physical Chemistry B since 2014. The idea is to increase the visibility of The Journal of Physical Chemistry B among biophysicists and biochemists and lower the barriers between the respective fields of research. We hope that the selected articles demonstrate the useful interplays between techniques of physical chemistry and problems in biophysics and biochemistry and will motivate further biologically oriented molecular studies.

This post is adapted from an editorial in The Journal of Physical Chemistry B. Check out the full Virtual Issue to learn more.

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