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The Evolution of Scientific Authorship

What does scientific authorship look like in 2017? How has it evolved over the past few years and how has the trend of hyper-authorship affected the researcher, librarian, and publisher communities? Join us on March 30, 2017 at 11:30 EST for a deep dive into scientific authorship.

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Middle author dilemma: How to recognize critical contributions of multidisciplinary teams

Melissa Gymrek, Assistant Professor

University of California San Diego

This presentation will address challenges in giving credit to individuals that participate in multidisciplinary research, and particularly why this is a difficult and important challenge for early career researchers, whose job applications, promotions, and grant funding rely on a large number of first or last author papers.

Hyper-authored Articles: Trends, Issues & Logistics

Cory Craig, Physical Sciences & Engineering Library

University of CA, Davis

The number of hyper-authored papers published in the sciences is on the rise. While no clear numerical definition of hyper-authorship exists, this trend has impacts ranging from publication logistics, to how authorship is regarded. This presentation will give an overview of the trends, issues, and logistics in hyper-authored papers with the goal of increasing understanding of this type of authorship. I will also address a simple option for including ORCID iDs in hyper-authored papers.

An Editorial Perspective on Authorship

Dr. M.G. Finn, Editor-in-Chief ACS Combinatorial Science

Georgia Institute of Technology

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