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Medicinal Chemistry in India

Journal of Medicinal Chemistry and ACS Medicinal Chemistry Letters were excited to join ACS Publications in supporting Medicinal Chemistry and Drug Discovery India 2017 (MCADDI 2017), a residential course in medicinal chemistry and drug discovery that was held Feb. 14 to 18 at Biocon Academy in Bangalore, India. The course was co-sponsored by the ACS Division of Medicinal Chemistry and the International Union of Pure and Applied Chemistry.

Journal of Medicinal Chemistry Perspectives Editor William J. Greenlee joined Balu N. Balasubramanian and Syngene President and CFO M.B. Chinappa on the MCADDI 2017 Advisory Board and was present for the entire course. Journal of Medicinal Chemistry Editorial Advisory Board member Nicholas Meanwell also attended and spoke at the course.

The course had a strong turnout of 95 participants and went extremely well, Greenlee said. “The participation of the participants in the question and answer sessions after each lecture was outstanding – the best by far of the three courses we’ve done in India.”

One highlight of the course was when Mukul Jain, a Senior Vice President at Zydus Research Centre in Ahmedabad, presented a case history on the discovery and development of Saroglitazar, the first drug discovered and developed entirely in India, Greenlee said. Another was “the Friday evening banquet, where inspiring keynote lectures were presented by Bruce Carr from BMS and Kirin Mazumdar-Shah, founder and chairman of Biocon.”

MCADDI 2017 attendees were offered a complimentary 1-year ACS membership and ACS staff signed up 61 new members during the course, Greenlee said.

Medicinal Chemistry in India Virtual Issue

Earlier this month, Journal of Medicinal Chemistry and ACS Medicinal Chemistry Letters published a joint Virtual Issue on Medicinal Chemistry in India under the leadership of Guest Editor Ram A. Vishwakarma, CSIR-Indian Institute of Integrative Medicine (Council of Scientific and Industrial Research).

“Over the past decade, medicinal chemistry research in India has made important contributions to further the knowledge of the field,” wrote Journal of Medicinal Chemistry Editors-in-Chief Gunda I. Georg and Shaomeng Wang in a March 9 Editorial. “The funding ecosystem has improved significantly with Indian Government agencies, pharmaceutical companies, and international charities investing resources for drug discovery and clinical research….we thank all our authors in India who contributed their work to our journal. We look forward to seeing what the future holds for drug discovery research in India.”

In a March 9 ACS Medicinal Chemistry Letters editorial, Vishwakarma further explained the development of medicinal chemistry research in India and highlighted key advances and challenges. He also wrote that he is “grateful to the Editors and Associate Editors of Journal of Medicinal Chemistry and ACS Medicinal Chemistry Letters for conceiving the idea to showcase medicinal chemistry research in India in this joint Virtual Issue, perhaps at the most suitable time when new drug discovery in India is trying to make its mark on the global scene. It is hoped that this special spotlight will encourage further work and support from funding agencies.”

Read the Medicinal Chemistry in India Virtual Issue.

Journal of Medicinal Chemistry and ACS Medicinal Chemistry Letters Want More Submissions from Scientists in India

In 2015 and 2016 Journal of Medicinal Chemistry published 35 articles from India, 18 of which have a corresponding author based in India, and ACS Medicinal Chemistry Letters published 23 articles from India, 20 of which have a corresponding author based in India. Both journals’ editorial teams would like to receive even more manuscripts from authors in India this year, says Managing Editor Lorraine Clark. If you’re doing medicinal chemistry research in India, please read each journal’s scope and submit a manuscript.

Also check out these great resources for authors in India:


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