My Top Sessions for Librarians and Information Professionals at the ACS National Meeting in San Francisco

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It’s March and the 253rd ACS National Meeting & Exposition is right around the corner. We will be in San Francisco from April 2-6. With thousands of presentations and attendees, it is always a daunting task of going through the schedule and finding the best sessions to attend.

These are the sessions I have at the top of my list and I recommend them for librarians and information professionals:

CINF: Careers in Chemical Information

Sunday, April 2: 8:10 AM-12:05 PM

Park Central San Francisco Hotel, Metropolitan III

A spin on the traditional career panel, hear about the various different careers in chemical information. Hear about the Dos and Don’ts of the job search and experiences from professionals in a wide range of career paths.

CINF: Open Access: Current Landscape, Challenges & Future Directions

Sunday, April 2: 8:30-11:55 AM, 1:15-5:10 PM

Tuesday, April 4: 8:30-11:55 AM, 1:15-5:10 PM

Park Central San Francisco Hotel, Metropolitan II

Open access has taken off and has touched researchers, publishers, funders, and users. I think this two-day symposium will help provide insight into the different perspectives these groups have and the challenges they have. By learning from each other, it will help us learn from each other and guide future directions.

CINF Scholarships for Scientific Advancement: Student Poster Competition

Sunday, April 2: 6:30-8:30 PM

Park Central San Francisco Hotel, Franciscan I & II

See the latest student research in chemical information and cheminformatics at this reception and poster session. Scholarships sponsored by ACS Publications.

CINF: The Write Thing to Do: Ethical Considerations in Authorship & the Assignment of Credit

Monday, April 3: 1:10-5:10 PM

Park Central San Francisco Hotel, Metropolitan II

Co-sponsored by CHED, CPRM and ETHX

When do you assign someone authorship? When do you give someone a thank you in the acknowledgements section? These are tough questions and this symposium should be able to help provide insight into starting a discussion about this issue.

CINF: Assessment of Chemistry Collections & Services

Wednesday, April 5: 8:30-11:25 AM

Park Central San Francisco Hotel, Metropolitan III

Journals, databases, e-books, reference collection, spectra, etc. There are many types of materials that go into the collections and the services of an academic library. How do librarians and information professionals assess these? How are we ensuring we are collecting the correct materials for the audience?


CHED – Division of Chemical Education

CINF – Division of Chemical Information

CPRM – Committee on Patents and Related Matters

ETHX – Committee on Ethics


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