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ACS Omega Editor Receives Numerous Accolades

For ACS Omega Co-Editor Luis Liz-Marzán, 2017 is already proving to be a year of distinction.

Liz-Marzán was recently honored with an appointment to the European Academy of Sciences (EURASC), an independent organization comprised of the most distinguished European scholars and engineers. Its members are considered at the very forefront of research and development of advanced technologies.

Liz-Marzán was also awarded a 2017 Advanced Materials Laureate by the International Association of Advanced Materials (IAAM). This distinction recognizes “outstanding research in Materials Science and Technology which may relate to Biological, Chemical, Engineering, Medical and Physical Sciences.”1 The prize is exclusive to those with a minimum ten-year track record of exceptional international work.

The accolades don’t end there. Liz-Marzán is also the recipient of the 2017 JCIS Darsh Wasan Award. Awarded annually by the Journal of Colloid and Interface Science to a single individual, the honor celebrates Liz-Marzán’s “outstanding contributions to a range of topics in surface and colloid chemistry, notably nanoplasmonics.”

“It is a great priviledge to feel so much recognition coming simultaneously from different scientific communities,” says Liz-Marzán. “This would not have been possible without the work of many (current and former) group members and collaborators who greatly contributed to discoveries over the years, my gratitude to all of them!”

Liz-Marzán is an Ikerbasque Professor and Scientific Director of CIC biomaGUNE, in Donostia – San Sebastián, Spain. His primary research focuses on understanding the growth mechanisms of metal nanocrystals, tailoring their surface chemistry, and directing their self-assembly and plasmonic response. He also works on the design of biomedical applications based on the plasmonic properties of well-defined metal nanoparticles and nanostructures.

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